Call: 248-499-7345

HOPE's Adult Shelter is Open Year Round!!!

HOPE Hospitality and Warming Center
 249 Baldwin Ave, Pontiac MI 48342
Hours of Operation
Office: Monday through Friday  9 AM-6:30 PM
Adult Shelter: 7 PM-8AM, 7 days a week

HOPE's  adult shelter is open from 7 PM until 7 AM providing dinner, triage healthcare, showers, access to resources that can be a pathway out of homelessness, and, of course, overnight shelter.  

HOPE is a low barrier shelter, which means that while we have a zero tolerance for bringing drugs and/or alcohol on the premises, sobriety is not a condition for entry to the shelter.  We do, however, expect and strictly enforce that shelter guests will follow staff directions and exhibit good behavior.

No previous registration is needed to spend the night at HOPE.